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You wonder where you can get our app or what plazz actually is? All the answers to be found here!

What is plazz and how does it work?

plazz is a digital parking app that helps you find free street parking slots. Check your preferred parking area and use the app to find the closest slots available.

Do I need to make my location public to use plazz?

Yes. You have to allow your location services on the app in order to let us provide you the best service possible.

Do I need to be logged in? What advantages does it give me?

Login is necessary to use plazz. Thereby you can save your favourites and easily secure your tickets.

How much does it cost to use plazz?

You can download plazz free of charge on Apple and Google Play stores. Different paying methods are aligned with different operational services. We also offer a 7 days testing that is free of charge.

Do I need to have internet access to use plazz?

Yes. Even though we try to decrease Internet based services, we have to transfer particular information via Internet. For this reason, your phone has to be connected to WIFI or mobile Internet.

What do the blue pins mean?

Blue pins show you an exact location of free parking slots - the most prompt parking data available.

What do the numbers on pins mean?

Timer is one of the newest functions on our app. It shows how long ago a free parking slot was discovered.

Am I allowed to use the app while driving?

As a passenger you are allowed to use the app at any time. As a driver you have to keep in mind that it is not allowed to use phones while driving or while an engine is still running. However, you are allowed to use a phone holder just like the one used for hands-free navigation system. Please inform yourself about legal regulations regarding phone usage while driving. Please always pay attention to the traffic on the road and only use mobile apps when they do not affect your safety.

Parking Information

Where do you get parking information from?

We have a team of “plazz spotters” who drive through the city and send us constant data about parking situation in different areas. We combine that information with historical analysis and then show free parking slots in the app.

How do you count parking slots?

We have developed a complex mechanism in order to provide the best information possible. We have created a digital parking map that is combined with data that “plazz spotters” collect. Because of consistent analysis of information we can constantly improve customers’ experience.

Do you have a guarantee for your data?

Unfortunately, we cannot give a guarantee for our data. Our data depicts a very particular period of time and situation might change in any minute. Because of that we can only give an indication that is as close to reality as possible.

Am I allowed to park everywhere where the app shows?

At the moment we can’t show parking restrictions. That means that you need to find out yourself if you are legally allowed to park in a particular location, if you have to pay for it or if there are any other constraints. You are fully responsible for the parking your own car.


How did you come up with the idea?

The founders of plazz are digital pioneers working at E.ON for more than 10 years. During this time they have developed different products and services that both improved customer experience and contributed to the development of a SmartCity. During this time the necessity to improve parking situation in cities has been discovered and an idea to establish plazz was born.

Where does the name come from?

The names focuses on something every driver looks for: parking slot. The alteration of a german word (platz - place, slot in German) was born in a backyard in Berlin Mitte.

Who develops plazz?

plazz is developed by a team in Berlin. We are a part of E.ON :agile accelerator program that belongs to E.ON. Our goal is to contribute to the development of the SmartCity and foster innovation in digital parking.

Who can see my data?

It is very important for us to protect your data. For this reason we have summarised all the information regarding data protection here.

Where is plazz available?

At the moment plazz is available in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. We are working, however, to expand our business area in Berlin as well as in other cities. Sign up for our newsletter and keep up-to-date with the progress of plazz.

In which cities will plazz be available?

In a long run we are seeking to cover all the biggest cities in Germany and offer our services all across the country. At the moment we cannot define exact dates for further expansion, but if you feel the need for plazz in your city, drop us an email. This way we can know where the highest demand for our services is!

When will you have service available for blackberry and Windows Phone 7?

We focus on the most used operational systems and for this reason are not planning any development in other systems. If you, however, require alternative versions, please contact us at


I have problems with billing, who should I contact?

We want to help you sort your problems out as quickly as possible. Because of that we have established a team that can be reached via

I have a technical problem, who should I contact?

Drop us an email at

I have a problem and would like to talk to someone from the team. How can I contact you?

Drop us a mail at or contact us via our social media channels. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter.